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Natural Plant Power for Total Health
Every product from Total CBD Health is carefully crafted with organic full-spectrum Cannabidiol.
We believe nature knows best.
We want you to enjoy the full range of body boosting benefits CBD has to offer. Therefore, we closely monitor every product start to finish for quality, consistency, and purity.
When you shop Total CBD Health, you shop quality guaranteed.
Did we mention you also support a dream?
Rooted in Motherly Love - Meet the Woman Behind the Brand
Genet McFarland
Genet McFarland has long had a passion for helping others.
A caregiver, friend, and mother - she is a woman who knows many roles. However, being a mom is the one she loves the most. Motherhood is a journey that has changed her life on every level.
Yet, being a mom also brought many unexpected challenges. Stress, anxiety, and postpartum depression left her feeling alone and out of options.
Then, she tried CBD.
Genet was surprised to find that not only was she calmer, she was also feeling clearer and more energized. In fact, CBD was helping her be a better mom for her children.
However, Genet also noticed there were very few options available for mothers. Surely she wasn’t the only mom who could benefit from CBD.
Well, you could say the rest is history!
Today Genet is dedicated to helping other mothers experience total health using whole plant CBD.